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Fascinating image isn’t it?

It speaks of the discomfort we feel when we are “Restrained” as the title of this piece indicates.  Sometimes we need a little help to get out of a tangle like this and I am no exception. I get snagged by lots of things, especially the first time around.  I’m finding that with my platform building or the branding of Disentangling Genius.  You see I’m not sure we’re connecting and I would love you to share your thoughts for the benefit of the whole tribe.

I was on a really tight deadline with a pre-booked conference and stage opportunity this November when in April I signed up for an authoring mentorship programme to make my dream to publish a book a reality. I committed to write and publish and have hard copies for sale at the actual event which is in just a few days now! I did not want to miss this one as international travel is still too infrequent and expensive for me not to maximise my attendance!

As the deadline approached so did my anxiety. And yet the words kept flowing!  It has been the editing that nearly spent me, as well as the ambiguity about how much to announce when, where and to whom in a UK culture of self-effacement and somewhat overblown humility.

Well it’s been a rather turbulent experience in the self-publishing process that is called Createspace!  Disappointingly I had my new book taken off the shelf for sales for a vital correction and then I was horrified to see the jumbled formatting in the Look Inside Amazon Kindle version.  The Kindle people assured me that the actual Kindle purchase looks nothing like that and is beautifully organised. “Kindle,” I ask, “Why would I want to purchase after you show me that as a sample?”

To my credit I do have a mini tribe, not that they see themselves that way yet!  Really, it’s a moderate subscriber list superficially served by me and my unfathomed Mailchimp account that has had me tied in knots!

To my frustration I have conducted a series of failed attempts to attract an audience to Eventbrite advertised free taster calls despite great content promised.  Is it my offering? Is it the British audience (most of my contacts?) Are we simply too sceptical about value added for free? Obviously there is going to be an upsell but only ever by an appetite whetted.  I prefer to see a sale as an opportunity available, not a catch to avoid! I want hungry not reluctant clients. No pressure applied or to be feared!

Not to be deterred, I consume seminars on telemarketing and obsessive customer service. I labour over integrating my various online appearances and sense that I will never be finished learning before another upgrade to my social media impact is demanded.

How about this then?  You know me, you like me, you might even trust me….With me, trust usually comes fast after the first two. Can we have a chat about some principles I feel sure will add great benefit to your clarity in life both personally and professionally?  I may not be the most savvy technically – and I will get this.  For now, I know you will find authentic encouragement rapport and community in my supported workshops and coaching calls.

I’ll get over the frustrations, I always do eventually but don’t be robbed in the meantime! What I’m doing here is very refreshing and, yes I’ll say it….I think you will love recognising your own journey from frustration to creative expression.  As you can see; I am a daily practitioner of disentanglement!!

Now you actually missed the Free Taster Call for The Seven Knots of Frustration but I am prepared to re-schedule this in advance of the coaching series. Just say you’re in.  That’s all it will require from you now. Here’s the date of the free call if you wish to jump in. Mon 24th November 20.30 hrs G.M.T.  Send YES as a reply to this blog and an invitation will be forwarded to your inbox.

And about that first coaching cohort? (Dec 1st) Simply make an informed decision after the Taster call rather than a stumble or a stab in the dark.

Picture by kind permission of Jenny Teasdale 2014, jenteasdale3@gmail.com

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