Wacky Wool Spinners!



“Come to our Wacky Women’s Group. We’re all mad about wool!” This was an invitation I could hardly refuse! It had come on the back of a conversation with Caroline about my aim of publishing the book Disentangling Genius. The metaphor of entanglement is an obvious one and I thought the experience would be a great photo opportunity for knotty images.

Caroline, ex-colleague, retired occupational therapist and crafting enthusiast squeezed a spinning wheel into the back of her Honda! I had never experienced quite as unique a day as this. I was warmly welcomed and throughout the venue, positioned myself from spot to spot, spinning wheel to spinning wheel in the Mechanics’ Institute Hall . This community hall was one of the famous benefactor Fitzwilliam family. This was the hub of the Wentworth mining village of the Industrial era. Now it was put to diverse uses such as the Spinner, Weavers and Felt-makers Days!

What an amazing opener my mission and book concept proved to be! Throughout the course of this day I was steeped in conversations about life, purpose, destiny, dreams, frustration and fulfilment. These ladies totally resonated with my message and the metaphor of entangled genius!

Meet Karen, a psychiatric nurse now a year and fifty- one weeks to retiring! She comes here occasionally to relax and be grounded. She relishes the sense of belonging to a Tribe and the concurrent productivity of each member during the day. Her philosophy is that one spins for a purpose. There is a gift or a garment in mind that determines and designs the wool created and the technical decisions of the spinning methods.

Barbara, another retired occupational therapist, does not really identify with the concept of mid-life crisis and the need to return to one’s passion to address frustration. This woman has loved and lived every minute of her career, she has no sense of any distinction between work and play! She comes to this group and spins wool for the sake of spinning wool. Only then does she consider what she might make with it! Mind you, she spends most of the time talking and producing very little!

Then there is Ruth who I will return to in my next blog. Ruth is the group facilitator and (as I only casually learned), a very influential expert and leader in her field, a world class spinner and international competition adjudicator! Now she epitomises Genius and makes an amazing case study of a person living their dream, loving what they do and doing what they love!! That will have to be part 2! I for one will be back at the fascinating treasure trove that is her life work and wholesale wool business. I can’t wait to convey something of this amazing woman’s enthusiasm for a life lived from the core! This is someone who has tackled the Seven Knots of Frustration in life!

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