Three quick tips to avoid the trap of tick-boxing



Three ways to get out of “another fine mess I got me into”

Imagine you have just made a really dumb mistake.

Like deleting and trying to retrieve day’s worth of laborious data entry. You will know the feeling ……it’s like unscrambling this brainteaser puzzle below without a pen!

You have to do it mentally without leaving any guiding marks on the paper. (And you must not mentally cross any other mental tracks, And you’re tired, and the light is dim).

scrambled lines (2)


I feel befuddled at the very thought! And that’s only in 2D. Then there’s internet marketing!

“Why, when  I try so hard to do this stuff, can’t I get it right?”

Is that what you whisper under your breath?

Perhaps you are a Dominant or Inspirational, or a Plant or Team-Player? Whenever you do one of those personality or leadership assessment style tests, do you feel just a little comforted by your summary? (If it’s what you expect I guess so). It’s very liberating to know what you are best at. And a bit disheartening if you need to offload an awful lot of the things you are not good at.

There’s an odd thing about most of you. (Whether you are “top of the wave” big-picture visionaries or into cautious detail and directions).


Because of one of these , I had a sensible plan to out-source something I was avoiding. It was a daunting task for me.

Yes, I would pay someone else to migrate and blend a blog and a website into one home. Valuing my time and their skill I could have the pleasure of doing something else with them!

In a week it would all be streamlined and integrated! Great!

Blog self-hosted TICK

Website refreshed TICK

All hyperlinks tested TICK

Ultimately email list growth TICK

Well it didn’t work like that. The first seller freaked me out by directly asking for my Paypal details so I aborted that transaction.

The second one was mysteriously removed from the (shall remain unnamed) marketplace platform before my task was through, leaving me with NO original content and no new website. I did what I never wanted to do. I had to ask for generous support from a virtual friend to retrieve and re-direct everything back to where it started. Nine days locked out of webmail later and $40 lighter, I was SO tempted to repeat the mantra.

“Why, when  I try so hard to do this stuff, can’t I get it right?”

Yet, my list was covered in ticks!

Anyone that has attempted to unscramble their stuff knows how therapeutic it can be to write a list.

But the list isn’t the end, it’s a means to an end. And if working through a list means you skate over the task in hand then the list is a mockery of your intentions.

Make it a list of interdependent technical tasks and for creatives like me-you have a recipe for disorientation right there!

So to a favourite quote,

A threefold cord is not easily broken

However, a threefold cord in the wrong combination can be carefully disentangled.

To re-state and straighten out everything, just to be clear, here are the essential and effective list-maker’s three interdependent strands of a nearly indestructible cord of creation.

  • Lists should serve the intention (that’s why we have listservers)
  •  The intention should simplify the list (don’t even list the things that you don’t HAVE to or WANT to do)
  •  Thirdly, and where I had it wrong this time, YOU be that list-server or simplifier for someone else and those people will start to show up for you too!

Now I want to get you my my fun, free Mini Three-fold List check pdf

So here’s my dilemma.

I could spend more than half a day poring over the intricacies by which I can get you on my email list. And if I work really hard at stuff I’m not good at, I might get a clickable image here to send you to a contact form on my (recovered) website. There you subscribe and automatically receive a responder with a link to the URL of my dropbox saved freemium gift.

Wow! Instant for you, painstaking for me.

Or we could do something a bit different, trust each other and I simply ask you anyway to visit the site, subscribe, download it and take it from there. A simple service for those who really intend to do something with it!

Thanks, Gill

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