The Tribe That Dares!

Are you living life as If you are a genius?

So “far out” you have nearly fallen over the edge?

Painfully tottering on the edge of genius and insanity?

So heavenly-minded you are no earthly good?

Born “for such a time as this” but can’t tell the time?

Caught in a mass of barbed wire

Slowly strangling in No Man’s land

Like a panicked war horse breaking rank; lost its charge.


By now, a few weeks into my new blog. I’m sure you have caught the fact that I am convinced that we all possess a sense of identity, life and truth that wants to burst out.  It is happiest when the rules of common practice are broken.  That’s why I am already quarter way through drafting a book Disentangling Genius aimed at subjects and survivors of frustration, disappointment and loss who want to disentangle their genius into freedom.  So that they can fulfil their unique, vital and timely purpose!

I am sharing with my future readers how to recognise besetting patterns or cycles that sabotage their best intentions and efforts.  There is a metaphor of artistry and heart felt appeal for creative expression.  This is an evocative and reflective pursuit reaching out to the artistically inclined.  The use of metaphor, illustration, colour and visual imagery is a strong and authentic feature of my work.  Really, I get “high” on colour!

As a child, I eagerly took up schoolgirl dares.  The traits of daring and courage have become increasingly important to me as I have lived, loved and lost, always to re-emerge somewhat humbler, weaker and yet stronger! So I am calling out the frustrated tribe: we know that inside we are truly free.  More free than anyone who is not frustrated or has forgotten what frustrated felt like!

Free. Inside.  My passion is for that sense of freedom to make an entrance into our physical, actual life.  So that, as the Bible assumes, we shall prosper as our soul prospers!  This revealed freedom will inspire and evoke rather than simply make an impression. This is who I am and who you are at our core.  Whether we ever straighten this out depends on how much it matters to us that we do. 

We are the Tangled.  We are the subjects, survivors and thankfully, those who travel with us, the supporters or Unpickers of the ravages of disappointment, cold shouldering, obscurity and misrepresentation.  We call the mess, the loss and the necessary detours. We cut the losses, we unravel that we may recast, readjust and re-vision.  That’s OK. We know now that we have no remaining fear of setback because we have stared it in the face and still stand. We are only the richer for it.

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