The Proposal

No, not that romcom film with Sandra Bullock on a farcical trip to Alaska! I mean a book proposal.  Narrowed down from six ideas this is going to be the first! It’s decided…the work of the last two years has officially been conceived and in only seven months I’ll be launching (splashing out my true colours) as a published author!

Yes I began crafting a book proposal today! Like many things I have started, there have been numerous angles I could take, many leads I could follow. I have often identified the traits and tendencies that side-track me time after time, repeatedly deferring hope and causing my heart to sicken. Not because I’m self obsessed!! I passionately desire to apply reflection and thoughtfulness, curiosity and perceptiveness to help others understand themselves. Frustration was once the byword for my life. It marred everything and I have analysed it so thoroughly I am familiar with its knotty patterns and tangled interpretations that cloud judgement, obscure potential and strangle one’s joie de vivre. It certainly did mine!

So, it is……
Time to unravel. Time to interpret; time to decipher and decode.
Time to find out what we’re really made of and what we’re really made for!
Identify the wounds and be healed.
Point to the scars with pride.
Celebrate the vulnerability as courage!
Take this as a vantage point for those who are totally winded by the relentless resistance they experience.
It is time for resilience to be harnessed and not bound!
It is time for true genius to be understood and manifested in all its glory!
And so we call Frustration what it is and face it in all its stifling, jeering redundancy.

We are the Tangled. We are the subjects, survivors and thankfully, the supporters or Unpickers of the ravages of disappointment, cold shouldering, obscurity and misrepresentation. We call the mess, the loss and the necessary detours. We cut the losses, we unravel that we may recast, readjust and re-vision. That’s OK. We know now that we have no remaining fear of setback because we have stared it in the face and still stand.
We are only the richer for it.

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