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I have been preparing and waiting expectantly for a forthcoming trip to the US and in the rush to have all the loose ends tied in time I had to put aside my advance copy of Day Job to Dream Job  until my vacation officially starts!! Can’t wait to read it! Couldn’t wait to share it!!

Ah well, back to the Day Job! 

This is the kind of rueful comment people often make when they have had a lovely holiday or a special annual summit with a like-minded tribe of people they do life with,  whether they be Harley bikers or church family.

Nursing.  This was a career which for years I had a love hate relationship with.  I loved the patients, the camaraderie shared with my colleagues and the satisfaction of inspiring developing learners.  I really struggled with bureaucracy, cluttered working environments, uniformity, institutionalisation and depersonalisation whether it showed up in patient care or employment relations.  Nevertheless I aimed high and was passionate about translating professional standards into non-profit organisations too. Eventually I gave up my career in order to further the cause I was serving at the time.  This was done with all the right motives but I soon was to realise that I had simply swapped one Day Job for another.  The dream had eluded me.  Satisfaction always seemed to fly out of the window just as I entered each new room. It was bewildering. What more could I have done to reach the goal, to catch God’s attention that I was really serious about fulfilling my purpose?

Chasing rainbows Like many genuine though deluded or driven people I fell into the trap of expecting passion and effort alone to progress the hopes and dreams I cherished.  To my credit I now have a deep resonance with the frustration of “chasing rainbows” and this itself has great value in knowing how to help others in the same boat.

The point is however long you wait, however brave a leap or however faith filled, optimistic or full of trepidation you need a plan!

I tried faith, presumption and sheer perseverance but now I have a plan! Look no further than the clearly and practically written Day Job to Dream Job by my friend Kary Oberbrunner.  I’ve been watching his amazing example of living the dream at the same time as growing income…………… and I am well on the way too!

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