Tense Times

One of my longer-term goals is to become trained in grammatical prose and literary style. I am of an era where children did not learn creative English as a language and I consequently struggled with other languages too.

There was a recent conversation in my author tribe community about the challenge of writing consistently with the correct tense. Especially relevant, as I am fascinated within my book ‘As If’ by the interplay of looking forwards and backwards in time and lineage.

My book trailer states, “When you live as if your dream has already happened, it’s yours!”

I slowly wrote ‘As If’ between 2000 and 2018, as a single parent divorcee. I wrote it as if in 2054, I am an 89-year old great-grandmother later happily re-married and reflecting on the fruits of a tough first half of adult life.

I remember God told Abraham his name was I AM. It seems he was already making the point He can be anywhere in time. You can too, at least within your imagination. Visioning is a uniquely human ability and I believe we should make more of it.

Some of the neat things about this book are complex and bittersweet, just like life itself

  • Childhood memories of evocative canal-side scenes, sounds and wildlife pack its pages
  • Many of the photographs beautifully illustrating it were taken over the course of my Dad’s artistic development as a photographer of many northern canals. He read the draft of the book before he died a few months later, deeply touched by its subject matter.
  • My own daughter who was given a golden bracelet featured here, appears as a future grandmother passing it on down the family
  • The inherited bracelet is given to my great-grand-daughter (whose mother, at the time of this summer, 2020 is not even a twinkle in her parent’s eye – because they have not met)
  • Sadly, the bracelet I envisaged my granddaughter inheriting was lost in 2019 and is featured with a reward for its return, in a Roald Dahl style appeal and prize of a custom-made bracelet to be designed for the winner
  • My second husband embraced the concept of a book tour canal cruise boat, supplying the technical know-how and finances to experience, photograph, film and sound record archive material for the narrated Audible version. It became a wonderful shared narrative we will often recall.

There is so much to fascinate and consider about our place in the world and its times and seasons. I hope you will consider reading and imagining life in this way for yourself.

What would your family bracelet heirloom look like if you could win the treasure hunt of As If?

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