Release the energy!

Recently I made a discovery that changed the way I viewed everything about a particularly relentless season of setbacks I had experienced over ten years.  It was simply this, that Frustration is my friend!  It came about whilst finishing my arrangement of the last chapter of the seven Knots of Frustration in my forthcoming book, the Knot of Madness!

Right out of a Youtube video of James Dyson the inventor of such breakthrough products as the bagless suction vacuum cleaner, this is what he said……. “My life is a failure”.

Hardly, one would think!  Yet he meant that through failure he had genuinely gained his greatest insights and advances.

I witnessed a powerful illustration of this two days ago at a wool enthusiasts’ national exhibition.  I was on the look out for powerful marketing images but the moment photographed here totally blew me away!


The mother and daughter of a Suffolk based family craft shop called Spin City patiently showed me how to handle a drop spindle. This is the most basic, manual and low tech method of spinning carded wool into useful fibre, yet I was highly doubtful of my ability to co-ordinate the necessary hand movements.

I started to feel quite sceptical of Louise’s passion as she spun the shaft enthusiastically and pointed out that this built up “energy” in the emerging fibre.  (I was thinking “Energy! What energy?”). The thread started to twist, coil and knot unattractively above my pinched fingers.  Louise patched onto the dangling fibre a handful of soft fluffy wool for me to gently tease into a longer fragile tuft.  Then I was instructed to release my pinch above it.  I was amazed to see the fluffy fibre spiral immediately into a strong thread as the tension sprang into it and created a new length of wool!

This was the very energy of frustration that became my friend!

In this case an ugly, squirming and disobedient coil of overstrung fibre became an attractively striped length of colourful wool to gather and wind for productive use.

You need not despise the tension that builds in your life!

You can exercise it usefully!  Let us gather together, perhaps a little taut and jaded from the week at our family or worship gatherings. Let us acknowledge that we do carry some distress and rather than bundle it away disastrously, value its potential, bring and add to it the softness of fellowship and trust.  Release that pinch you have upon your contained thoughts and feelings.  Just see what springs into life between the moment of release of the old and the incorporating of the new today!

I want to make you aware of an invitation below that will be exactly this kind of opportunity…..

Come and combine your respective energies in a few incredible moments in November. It will be a phenomenal springing forth of old into new as my mentors and friends of the Igniting Soul Tribe hold their highlight annual conference event.  In a masterly way I know you will be shown how you can even change in an instant.  You will recognise this is an opportunity in a supportive atmosphere to take a chance to release the fearful pinch you are holding upon an aggravatingly twisted life.

I look forward to seeing that energy come forth in you!
Igniting Souls Conference

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