How to follow an instinctive drive to create – to pursue a risky course of action you can’t and don’t even want to​ rationalise

Today, I will show you what it means to follow an instinctive drive to create, to pursue a course of action you can’t and don’t even want to rationalise.

Even when the odds are against you.

Yet when they are – to ignore the cost of blind pursuit does not serve you.

Let me share one of those insights I had recently (you know the kind that seem to throw light on everything; everything everyone else seems to be saying and doing?)

Let me tell it through the story of a Scottish Highland salmon making its epic annual migration to the spawning grounds of its birthplace.

It is a story of the flow of an intention, the flow of fruition as I call it.

A flow followed sometimes so determinedly, you can be side-tracked, stagnated and frustrated.

Fall Flume

When vacationing in Scotland last month – a relaxing break from our spring and summer months of lockdown and shielding – my husband Phil had one location in mind we must visit.

At Pitlochry, in 1952, a dam was built across the River Tummel as a source of hydro-electric power for the villages along its course. What used to be the Highland Games’ recreational field was flooded to make room for man-made Loch Faskelly. In so doing, this new concrete barricade would have threatened to block the salmon from reaching their original destination each year.

Local residents were sceptical about the impact of the dam upon tourism and a special Act of Parliament was passed ensuring that the North of Scotland Hydro-electric Board was obliged to incorporate the design of conservational feature into its reservoir plans. To ensure the life cycle of the salmon was protected locally. Even a fish biologist, John Berry, was consulted to ensure the mature salmon population could be spared from this insurmountable and fatal disruption in their annual life cycle.

So, we have the famous Pitlochry Salmon ladder, a series of pools built in succession as each rises 50 cm above the last, over the distance of 310 metres. Every pool allow the salmon (ready to spawn) to incrementally by-pass and escalate the intimidating water level without becoming thwarted in what would otherwise be an impossible journey.

You will see immediately, the parallel between this and the waterway metaphor of my book ‘As If’, subtitled Steering Your life without Strife, Navigating from Fantasy into Faith and Rising from Delusion into Destiny.

And what is the key point of my book with it’s hopeful emphasis upon destiny and Berry’s ingenious fish ladder designed seventy years ago?

Sometimes what seems to be a detour or obstacle has been provided – in advance for you – to achieve the very thing it seems to be impeding.

Like the salmon burning with passion to fulfil its destiny, we are sometimes at the mercy of losing our way, getting trapped or hacked.There are complexities and barriers we just do not have the capacity to overcome.

What if someone else has found a way?

What if there was an architect who had already seen that you will require a bespoke ladder of opportunities to overcome whatever dam has been slapped in your face this year?

Get in the Zoom Flume

There is a way.

That is why I am so excited to see the success and momentum of a leader who makes a way for others in their wake. I’ve followed the emergence of this thought leader for years and totally endorse his heart for others to learn from his own mistakes and phenomenal influence. So, allow me to introduce something very close to my own heart and life purpose – Kary’s God given message to communicate belief in you and a strategy to exponentially grow you is becoming a movement in 2020 that will impact anyone who wants to fulfil their purpose 100%.

My mentor calls this concept #Unhackability. It is based upon a threefold circuit, A Flawless Idea, A Laser sharp Focus and unstoppable Flow. They feed into one another like the escalating pools in the Pitlochry Fish ladder.


You might want to refresh your ability to recognise and engage with the special hacks and by-passes life has taught my mentor and coach Kary Oberbrunner.Just in case you feel too much of this uncertain year is out of your control – or if you have it as tightly controlled as possible, I suggest you go ahead and assess your own Unhackability score.

It is just four weeks until I attend my favourite event ever – this year called Unhackable. The fact Igniting Souls Conference 2020 (October 22-25th) must be enjoyed from the comfort of the home is an even bigger incentive, easily opening the same invitation to you too. Check here to investigate if it’s for you, and if so, look out. Say ‘Hi’ to me inside the sophisticated conference experiential platform!

I see it as our opportunity to meet fellow swimmers-against-the-tide, at a series of virtual tables (or break out ‘pools’).

U.S. Pre-orders of the book #Unhackable on which Kary’s 6 years of research and synthesis of human performance is based can be made already. It hits Amazon and worldwide book-stores on Launch Day, October 24th.

And if you’d like to experience something of the wisdom and energy Kary brings to every stream of his life and the Igniting Souls Tribe he serves, try out the following Unhackable Show broadcasts in whichever stream you prefer, be it the..

Unhackable Life

Unhackable Pastor and Leader

Unhackable Entrepreneur

Unhackable Coach

Unhackable Author

I know I need this kind of help. One of the things I have learned about entreprenership, small business ownership or even everyday life, is that the best laid plans can fail. We need each other’s expertise. A fish ladder may look deceptively simple but don’t miss the gift of its sophistication. Fish passages do not always work. In practice, a real challenge is to match swim performance with hydrdynamic measurements. “Regulatory agencies face a difficult task to match hydrodynamic measurements and swimming performance data” (Wikipedia).

Much of the work has been done for you to enable you to get clarity, confidence, competence, impact, influence and even income – by being exactly where you want to be in this confusing, complex and choice-ridden life.

See you inside the ladder!

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