Graves into Gardens

Last week I told you I’d introduce you to the project close to my heart and recipients of 10% of all sales of As If in every format. If you were not able to enagage with the social media campaign, I would value you checking out last week’s challenge here.

Rather than elaborate more, I’d love you to take a few moments to read the firsthand beautiful writings of Lisa Miara, Director of ‘Springs of Hope Foundation Inc. It is working with victims of terrorism, crimes against humanity and genocide. It is a USA 5o1c3 and NGO registered in Iraq. (Facebook)

Gain a sense of Lisa’s huge capacity to celebrate and honour every single orphan, child soldier, traumatized refugee – as a cherished human being. Linger over her beautiful photographic documentaries. Admire her empowerment of the emerging leaders in rebuilding their futures. Feel her heartbeat, know that she has been taken on a gruelling and privileged journey to stand with the people of Kurdistan, a minority people group called the Yezidi.

This week was the 6th anniversary of a genocide directed at their community, triggering mass exodus, children robbed of education, disrupted play and emotional development crushed. Admidst tragedy, shines love, restoration without self-pity or dependence. It is amazing to behold this miracle in the making and I am proud to ask your support for Springs of Hope directly here or indirectly through purchasing and sharing your reviews of “As If” on all your platforms.

Thank you from the depth of my heart!

Permission to reproduce image for Springs of Hope by Elevation Worship

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