Fourteen Balmy Summer Nights

I had determined for The Pen and Voice Tour 2019 to serve two purposes.

As a wonderful “watershed” time of reflection upon our first rather busy year together as man and wife and as a unique context for a book launch. It was a rare chance for visitors to join us and meet in a novel situation where time almost stood still; the distractions of life were removed and the relationship between us became the predominant thing.

We could be ‘in the moment’.

Genuinely, rather than as a token gesture to this catchphrase for trendy mindfulness.

Halfway through the cruise we were joined on the narrowboat for two days by friend and artist, Andrew Farmer. He is a Doncaster resident and recently acclaimed Associate of The Royal Academy of Oil Painters. Find him at @andrewfarmerfineart.

Painting primarily in oils Andrew tackles a range of subjects including domestic family scenes (interiors and garden), landscape, cityscape and portraiture. He produces work heavily rooted in observation. Andrew thrives on the act of looking, analysing and trying to understand the world around him.

He states, ‘I love to paint the ordinary, elevating simple subjects that will cause the viewer to take more notice of the many wonderful and beautiful things surrounding us daily’.

Knowing how much he loves the outdoors is what led us to invite him to join us. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting him and having the privilege of experiencing his easy and natural way with people and with paint.

Featured today, is a first prize winning piece of his.

Why not drop in on the thing as close as being there last year with us?

My Audible recording, (US link) Audible (UK link) is packed with unique soundtracks of waterway, lock navigation and friendly ducks. It is free for a month’s trial if you’ve never tried Audible before.

See you around!


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