Experiential? I had no idea what was coming next

I’m sure you agree,  no detail of our lives have been spared the impact of quarantine.

I am blessed to be working – and comfortably – from home. All relatively convenient and restful though repercussions, even sacrifices in our lives are significant and long lasting. And adaptations are manifold as we find ways to tease out ideas, solutions, innovation and creativity galore. For me, one creation is the finish of my latest book on Audible.

Although the pandemic has delayed technical processing at Amazon’s end, I await release of my audible book “As If”. Thrilled to be able to offer an accessible format, it appeals to listeners and non-readers. The recording is narrated in the author’s voice (yes me) – featuring inter-chapter soundtracks from the water. These powerfully evoke last summer’s live canal cruise of the 100-mile Warwickshire ring book launch. Blackbird song, lapping waves and grating ratchets add something special to listeners, soothing and stirring souls as they grapple with eternal themes and paradoxes.

Amongst other events falling prey to our global lockdown (including a ticket to see the production of ‘Lion King’ at the refurbished Bradford AlHambra) my plans for Columbus, Ohio have been forestalled. This, the Igniting Souls tenth anniversary conference in October serves a growing tribe of souls – ignited to be the best version of themselves. Last there in 2014, with my first book ‘Disentangling Genius’, I was their first published Author Academy author on an international stage. I could not wait to meet and mingle once again with fellow authors and creators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

When I realised this would probably switch to become an online event, I had no idea what was coming next.

The founder of Igniting Souls, US friend and mentor is Kary Oberbrunner.

I met him at Palm Beach, Florida in 2011 when I was just starting to find my voice as an author. He too was exploring a massive leap of faith – in becoming a world changer rather than a pastor of a thriving megachurch. I could see he was conflicted and would be severely misunderstood in ‘leaving’ everything he knew to be familiar and safe. He knew he had to follow his heart. And he has continued to set a credible example, crashing through resistance, always authentic, empowering and drawing like-minded souls in a passion to ignite ten million more by 2030.

He couldn’t have achieved all this back then. Or within his context. I was witnessing a man in chrysalis.

He slid over the meal table, a copy of his first significant book ‘Your Secret Name’. This brought major healing and insight to me, as I truly embraced who I am and what I wanted to do with the fragments of my broken life. Never imagining I would be a published author twice over by now, there is yet much more in my heart bursting to be expressed. I have little chance of achieving any of it without aligning myself to bigger, more energetic role models.

Now, a chapter leader of one of Kary’s global Igniting Souls Tribe it is a privilege to promote the same stirring synergy Kary infected me with. Let me give you just one example of what can happen.

One lovely emerging project of a single mum of three within our tribe, is a proposal to write and illustrate children’s books in the memory of deceased Covid victims. To help the bereaved child remember, in much the same way as a memory box might, she gifts an illustrated bespoke story to each client. These will be published as a series in memory of our 2020 keyworker heroes. I have been in awe of her energy and responsiveness to just a little nudge or suggestion here and there.

That’s the power of collaboration.

Which is why I wanted to dedicate my post today, to draw your attention to the experiential conference Igniting Souls 2020 will be. Kary has re-invested much of this year’s budget to ensure it will be a world class interactive platform of profound inspiration. His events are all breathtakingly relevant. Suddenly it becomes inclusive, accessible and even intimate – as a virtual conversation can be. Be assured, Kary’s team have contracted a cutting edge technology team to host this event with aplomb.

I imagine you would want to be in the ‘room’ at the same time with us.

Do you want to be part of something fresh and life giving? On one level, to inflame your own passion.

And on another, as a learner, watching someone pull off a meticulously planned yet daring feat of unique delivery?

If you’d like to chat, let me know.

Here’s the link. Yes, it is an affiliate link and yes, I am proud of my affiliation. This event gets better and better every year and may never quite happen again just like this one.

Igniting Souls UNHACKABLE 2020

So do check it out.I’d love you to be there.

And let’s do virtual coffee as soon as we can?

And here is how Kary’s describing it..

How to get the Most out of an Experiential Conference

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