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Demonstrations have always been a very powerful vehicle of learning for me.  They stay in my imagination for ever.  I mention a couple of memorable chemistry experiments in my new book.  Another vivid demonstration I witnessed is now recreated on Youtube. I won’t bore you with the chemical names and reactions but visually it serves as an amazing metaphor of one of my Seven Knots of Frustration.  To successfully align any desire with expression we have to overcome resistance .  In other words, if we are going to experience fulfilment and a flourishing existence, we must tackle the Knot of Isolation.

The Knot of Isolation is the attitude that says “I can do this myself”.  It is a natural enough feeling for any developing child who is testing his limits. Inevitably it features heavily throughout our independent teenage years.  However, it is a sure sign of growing maturity when we recognise such self sufficiency does not serve us well.

In the experiment above, two reactant chemicals are carefully introduced into the same beaker. At the interface between them a skin of nylon forms. In a primitive demonstration this is simply picked out and lifted from the container. A new compound nylon has been created and on an industrial scale this will be captured, washed and wound for manufacture.

So often we work in our respective little worlds, productive to some extent but confined and restricted by our limitations and self imposed caution.  There are some experiences and interactions that will only ever be possible when we invite external contact, when we welcome difference and uncertainty.  Some things issue from our life simply because we are in proximity with others. Inevitably this will change us and may even change us fundamentally and exponentially.  What an image to capture and aspire to!

Our potential is released when we carefully combine our strengths with others who will do the same.

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