Time to announce my SEVEN DAY COMPETITION – The chance to be entered into a prize draw for a copy of my book mailed out to UK residents or e-copy to worldwide contestants OR an Audible promo code for a FREE DOWNLOAD

Today I am asking you if you will add a review for my book onto the following platforms Good reads, Audible and iTunes.

Put the following title in your bookstore’s search field for details of my book and Audible version.

As If – Steering your Life without Strife, Navigating from Fantasy to Faith and Rising from Delusion into Destiny by Gill Bentham

(If you can add a review to Amazon – you’ll be streets ahead of most, as it appears to have been arbitrarily blocked by them)

Here is your 7-step programme – follow it all once or day by day – it’s up to you.

  1. If you haven’t yet tried Audible, obtain it here or for the US here by signing up for a 30 day trial and listening to my book for free even if you don’t stay with Audible after 30 days. Or listen to the sample soundtrack in the Audible store.
  2. Prefer the book? Here’s access to your preferred bookstore. And if you have the book already you can buy the Audible version for only a few pounds and enjoy the Whispersync function between book and audi, wherever and whichever you pick up or leave off!
  3. Try a sample of the text, to kickstart your review, using Amazon’s Look Inside function. One paragraph of your honest feedback is all it takes!
  4. Go to/or create an account at Look for my title and add your recommendation there to share to Goodread subscribers. Like and share through all your social media buttons.
  5. Add the same review to your country’s Amazon page if you can please!
  6. Finally, copy and paste it again into the page for my book on iTunes’ Audiobook store if you have an Apple account
  7. Or why not break it up, print off this post and tackle just one task a day for the next week? If you have first written your review in Word, you can copy and paste to each platform in turn. I so appreciate your support in this doing this, liking and sharing. Let me know when you’ve done 1-7 or any one of these steps by posting your step number in the thread to this same post on this my Facebook Author page each time you act!

The most numbers entered in the thread, the bigger the chance of a giveaway – I know you will enjoy the read/listen with all its quirky sound effects.

All of this really helps towards my nomination as an entrant to round one of the Author Academy Awards 2020 which closes tomorrow.

I hope I can announce selection as a top ten finalist for my category VERY SOON. With your help it is possible.

Next time I will tell you all about the amazing project close to my heart that will benefit from 10% of all proceeds.

Thank you,


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