As If Audible Tour 2020 Re-enacting the commentary

It was the day we took charge of the vessel ‘Florence and Edith’ .

She was a beauty! She also happened to be named after an elderly great-aunt I never met and another aunt of mine from Lancashire.

Our first day was a testing and proving ride through fourteen locks between Stockton and Bascote. Phil had insisted for a few weeks that I play on and practice with a navigational canal app so that I could grasp the counter-intuitive way in which one pushes a tiller in the opposite direction to that you actually want to steer. (A bit like a skidding car on ice I suppose). We would see if this had sunk in! No pun intended.

I was a little concerned as to how much my mind would wander whilst at the tiller. How would I resist checking my phone? Or manage simultaneous Audible narration recording?

In fact I soon settled and tuned into with my own thoughts, the sights and sounds of the passing countryside, allowing myself to listen to a special inner commentary.

I was amazed at the memories flooding my mind. Of towpath canal walks, by foot or cycle. It was exactly as I had remembered during the writing process and here I was in the setting of my book, almost re-enacting the commentary.


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