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Gill Bentham | Bio

Gill is a wordsmith. Her way with written and spoken communication inspires passion and instils conviction for change. She has a professional lineage of learning, thinking, academic writing, change-leadership and autonomous practise as a nurse, tutor and ministry leader. Buffeted by the wear and tear of striving, competition and betrayal, she re-aligned herself for the second half of life. She serves the frustrated seeker with her quirky books, learning modules and retreats aligning her wisdom for life and love for people with their continuous growth. Could these be the start of your new flourishing life script?

Is your life, as Shakespeare’s Macbeth once deplored, “a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury….. signifying nothing”?

Mine was. Years of strutting and fretting in career and ministry came to an abrupt end as I decided to disentangle myself marital, emotional and spiritual abuse. Sleeping for two years under a desk throughout estrangement from my husband whilst under the same roof, I held my composure for the sake of my children.

What saved me? The prospect of a new manuscript for the rest of my life, the one I had overlooked – not the one I had been furiously editing.

Once a round peg in a square hole, now I script and play out the destiny fit for me. Now, I am an author and scriptwriter of the imagination. Fascinated with the power of words I use them and inspire you likewise -to define your intention and inspire action authentic to your original life design!

Frustrated by the waste of countless souls living a borrowed flimsy script, I help you re-imagine, rewrite and commit to the best role of your choice and start to experience fulfilment instead of frustration. When you experience the return on this inner re-imagining, you will pinch yourself at who you really are and how easy it is to be just that! YOU in the flow of fruition.


I am an author.
Gill Bentham Declares | GBD
My pen is a daring declaration of hope – delivering tangled dreams from frustration to creative expression…..
My sincere passion is to help people – each of us, one of seven billion geniuses – get to know, love and liberate our inner genius. As a writer, content creator and insight coach, I will be an indelible marker of your individual life’s script. I help you to remember, recover and rewrite your trapped potential or tangled dreams. You then, may in turn leave a vital, permanent mark on the scripts within your world.
A protracted season of hardship, failure and personal disappointments, forged a deep frustration in my heart that played havoc with personal aspirations and expectations. Utilising a lifelong habit of self-discovery through journaling and intimacy with God, my powerful message of disentanglement and re-cycling emerged.
My medium is my pen (or keyboard).
My story is to encourage the opportunity and capacity for you to find your font and tell youstory!
Disentangling Genius Trans Back Hard


Nominated by The International Author Academy Elite Awards Ceremony 2018, as a Top Ten Finalist in the Self-Help Category

Women As God Intended (2018) Edited for Lilian Taylor. 

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