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(I’ve got something planned for you)

One of my sayings when conversation moves to one’s typically favourite “buzz” is

“I could get high on colour”.

For that reason I enjoy exhibitions, artwork, textiles, stationary displays, architecture, wild meadows, gardens and shop windows!

As a small child I would often arrange my Platignum felt tip pens in colours of the rainbow. I was conscious of the “eccentric” individuals who seemed to have no sense of colour, wondering at their ignorance of rules of matching dress code taught by my mum.

 “A contrast is better than a bad match” she would say, or

“Never wear orange and pink” (Although this was the seventies)

or even “blue and green should never be seen”.

Yet nature herself breaks all these rules!

And so do children when left to their own devices!

I remember once discussing with and testing a bright little five year old friend on her shape recognition.  When presented with a hexagon she proclaimed confidently “That’s a bee’s house”.

What a wonderful and truthful perspective!

Picasso once said

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

This is my fascination.

Given that we are born innately gifted (and I do believe this) some kind of layering upon layering, binding and tying, distorting and disturbing of an underlying genius has taken place.  As clumsy dismissals or criticism, pre-fixed aspirations are externally applied to us. Or outright discouragement takes place and we quickly lose the natural and unself-conscious expression of who we are.

Our child prodigies may simply be those whose genius was correctly and intensely nurtured!

However, for most of us the revealing of our artisan soul, as Erwin MacManus calls it, will be an intentional extraction process that can be daunting at the very least.

That is why art is esteemed. It is exacting of us personally. And sometimes takes a little kickstart.

And that is why I esteem and honour the precious work of finding and revealing your authentic inner genius. It’s sometimes frustrating.  I am intimately familiar with that myself and so I invest the shared compassion I feel for the caught, tied and even sedated who hardly dare believe they can face another potentially fruitless attempt at self-actualisation!

I’m taking a big risk here

I have already booked a superb venue this August.  It will be a feast for the senses and a safe, supportive environment.  There I will re-introduce you to the unwrapped, unchoked version of yourself, awaken the hope that you are still worthy of the fight to express yourself in a pure and childlike way.


Does this sound selfish?

Perhaps so but not compared with indulging complacency or reluctance to use what you have in the interests of natural health, wellbeing, even a much greater good. Which you will easily stick at!

Because it is YOUR personal seam of wealth both to exploit and export.

If you read my book Disentangling Genius you will have come across Ruth the Yorkshire wool expert who has dedicated her life to the passion for natural fibre and all things crafty.

A showcase of talents

Today and tomorrow she has one of the many stalls at The Annual Woolfest in Cockermouth, Cumbria where the simply curious mingle with the dedicated spinners, knitters, felters and weavers.

(They are the ones in exquisite shawls or crochet patch applique jeans!).

They are the ones who got past the norm, the opinion, repetitive TV, rules of fashion and mass production, to export something unique and inherently valuable.

Do you want to get past all that and get in touch with the yearning to create? Click and follow the link to learn more of how!

I would love to help you experience life as you were intended.

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