A Right Tangle or the Right Angle?

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Well I’m into my first book’s launch (This one is online).   Like most things I have never done before I felt a little daunted at the prospect. Like most things, the learning acquired en route reduced any threat!

I mentioned recently that the completion and publication of my book felt a little like producing my first born. It has been totally exhilarating, quite exhausting and for a few weeks perhaps a little bewildering.

I was so grateful for mentorship through this particular “tangle” and so perhaps fresh from the process perhaps I can help you in a similar way with a personal reflection on the  seven most important things to disentangle during your book launch

  1. Have a reader rather than author-centric motive
  2. Follow the leader
  3. Ensure external endorsement
  4. Over explain expectations
  5. Personalise invitations
  6. Multiply communication channels
  7. Trust and record the process

Now to untangle yourself from any angle that sabotages even your very best efforts

  1. Have a reader rather than author-centric motive

There will always be someone who “just” missed all the action.   If you can still signpost them to the key messages sent out during the book launch and these still add value and relevance to the reader AFTER the launch ends, your content passes this test! So give your messages shelf life wherever possible. It’s always about the long view rather than a quick buck.

It goes without saying that today, a “service” focused business, a “value-added” service and even a long-life sound bite can mark one out as special amongst the clamour of BUY, BUY BUY!

  1. Follow the leader

When you have never done something before, nor done it well, find a leader in the field. One that has similar values, stacks of experience and wisdom. Stand on their shoulders and aim to make as much of your learning second-hand as possible! Why? Because then you have more time for your own first-hand experience. How else are boundaries pushed?

Or maybe you simply need to be time and resource efficient? Follow and leverage a tried and tested pattern. After all, who doesn’t want to be that savvy?

  1. Ensure external endorsement or credentialing

This leads on nicely to the fact there is probably no one who wants to see you succeed like a trusted mentor. They know you and can point authentically to your personal genius and frame anything you will want to say with credibility and honour. They are like gold, so similarly honour and value those relationships. Make sure you have deposited into them over time so that there is something you have to draw upon at moments like these.

  1. Over explain expectations

I must be honest, launching a book and using all the channels of communication that this could capitalise upon EFFECTIVELY is a bit of a jungle. If people are not getting the message, that’s “my” fault and not theirs.

I have learned that about 75% of my connections have been either nervous, or procrastinated what they needed to do to follow through on an Eventbrite registration or a freeconferencing.com dial in. Or they underestimated the time it took to understand a process. Then, by not following through in advance then become flustered in the moment of the event start time.

Maybe that’s a UK unfamiliarity with some of the systems, I’m not sure. However, I need to simplify How, When and Where I instruct readers to get on board with me. The onus is with me to make that EASY!

And there are three more of these 7 angles to follow that you should beware of. I’ll post these on the eve of my

Book launch online party,

at which MY Trusted Mentor (Kary Oberbrunner) will be investing his invaluable time as host and MC!

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