A Right Tangle or The Right Angle? Part 2. Tips for a book launch

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Tomorrow is almost upon us!

In approaching the second event of my three part book launch, I continue here with the blog post I started a couple of days ago.

The three-prongs of my launch began in November with the live Igniting Souls Conference in Columbus Ohio, at which most of the first Author Academy Elite cohort presented their book.  What a thrill it was to stand on this platform with the shiny new published copies on sale!

Secondly, this week I am honoured that my author mentor, Kary Oberbrunner will host my live online book launch party. Kary and David, his business partner, conceived the Author Academy Elite programme.  It is undoubtedly the most high value comprehensive support and coaching package for writing and marketing your book that is currently available.

As a result, I had my book ready for market from scratch–within six months!

The third event I am super excited about is the live and local book launch at The Point, Doncaster’s Arts Centre, UK. There will be a crowd of connections, friends both old and new and access to a parallel photography exhibition all about young people’s unique hopes and dreams (their inner genius).

The blog post photo here is original work by a young artist Jen Teasdale whose series called “Restrained” speaks volumes of the frustration my book aims to disentangle.  She will be bringing her work along too.

Now, back to the fourth lesson of the list as I continue to share tips about YOUR preparation for a book launch.  Here are the seven most important things to disentangle during a book launch

  1. Have a reader rather than author-centric motive           √
  2. Follow the leader                                                            √
  3. Ensure external endorsement                                        √
  4. Over explain expectations                                              √
  5. Personalise invitations

    6. Multiply communication channels

    7. Trust and record the process

5. Personalise invitations

The fifth touch is obvious, yet demands extra special care and time to tailor your invitations in precise ways that may appeal to serve each individual you ask. Spamming is out (and illegal), group emails are lazy and a personal ask is always powerful. I will pour my efforts into this one tip as a priority next time around. What is really fascinating though is that some of the people you think will be excited are not and some of those you invite less intentionally are your best advocates. Grow the relationships with these especially.

6. Multiply communication channels

As a writer I am far more inclined to pour time into creating emails, posts and tweets and marketing materials.  I love creating! However, to have live conversations is something I have to be more purposeful about.  So I schedule all of this in a system I have learned that ties my WHY with my HOW. Especially when there are some parts of HOW I would rather put off.

7. Trust and record the process

And that brings me to why recording the lessons learned and the “hacks” for the future is so important. If I am totally honest with you I would have rather disappeared off the grid and written another book than executed a marketing plan.  That’s quite typical of a traditional author. However it robs the potential reader of an awareness that there is a resource that could speak straight into their situation and really HELP them. So swallow the false humility or the imaginations that others may believe you have a bad case of head-swelling .

Get your valuable story out there where it belongs!

Here’s that online party launch link again. Speak tomorrow?


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  1. Thanks Gill! Your book came out right as I joined AAE and it looked great! I just posted about the Igniting Souls Conference 2015 and several of your posts came up as matching my tags. The 2015 conference was great also. Very intense, as I’m sure you already know. Ladey Adey came from England, so your country was represented!

    I’m so glad I found someone else on WordPress who shared about this. Thank you!


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