A Holi Life!

An explosion of colour

I have a friend who honestly and humbly told me recently that all they really ever hoped of life was to love and feel loved, a sense of belonging and to be able to make a real personal contribution.  I think this is a very clear and honest take upon what lies behind most of the complexity of what we DO or say we want to BE or HAVE.

And I truly believe that we only really have what we are free to give away unreservedly! What is really ours flows unfettered and infinitely and therefore freely


As an artist and creative, I have often been heard to say jokingly “I could get high on colour”.

To browse a draper’s, stationary or wallpaper store is invigorating for me! I can still imagine the sweetish smell of powder paint rationed out into palettes at infant school. Six neat pyramids of a simple selection were shaken out for us to mix and dissolve with our oversized bristle brushes.  With paints akin to the powdered pigments sold for participants of the traditional Indian Holi festival, we too celebrated the arrival of spring and the sheer joy of life and carefree fun as kindergarten kids.


Bringing out the God-colours

There is a Christian perspective I subtly point to in this blog from which the blog and brand emerged. So I know of a comedian, itinerant speaker and actually yes, an evangelist who spoke this summer at the world famous performance festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. In itself this is an incredible scoop.  To have been billed, in our secular society as a so -called “religious” person is testament to the real diligence Mark has applied to his art, his deep love for people and gifted communication with them.

This entertaining and ardent guy used a fabulous phrase in his presentation from the very readable Bible version called The Message.  Speaking of the believer’s certain influence as a light in a prominent place, we are to bring our God-colours out, he enthused, with abandonment and generosity.

He was contrasting what is commonly mistaken to be the church; a closed, preoccupied club whose members gather like art critics around a masterpiece.  They describe in obscure words and exclusive language  the merits a particular art piece may have.

Instead, we are to be an explosion of God-colours, a dynamic and expressive living art installation!

It gives me pleasure when the comment arises, to refute the suggestion that I may be “religious“. As much pleasure as it would give to be able to throw some powder-paint around in a white room for the sheer joy of it!

Instead of following a dot-to dot or colour by numbers scripted canvas!

Isn’t this releasing of colour (or disentangling of inner genius as I would call it) a wonderful picture of the sum of our parts?  All are contributing to make a whole; a unique and momentary experiential explosion of colour.  We land or settle in one another’s lives……creating remarkable effects and joyous expressions of temporary art!

 holi 2

And I hope that with as much sensitivity as Mark Ritchie would exercise, I will be hosting my very own fringe event in November!

This is for those who are eager to be honest with themselves, explore, identify and give liberal expression to their own unique colour.

I am SO excited that you could be one of this special group who recognise their core genius and start to know HOW, WHEN and WHERE to export their WHAT and WHY and with WHOM they will do so!

Click here to find out more. I can’t wait for this Holi-day (white room permitting).

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