3 Characteristics of a Genie (At Christmas)


My blog requires that you allow me a little indulgence in a Christmas reflection today!

It has been famously said that you should be the best “You” you can be because everyone else is taken! And that is the first and most important characteristic of Genius.  Genius is not some unattainable level of superior thinking but, an essence found, accepted, released and celebrated.  Genius is the absolute uniqueness that is you!  No one else has it in spades as you do and guess what….. it is the most natural thing in the world for you to be!

The word “genius”, I am known for writing about, has a little used relation “genie”, meaning a peculiar, distinctive or identifying character or spirit. Both words originate from the Latin word gignere (to beget) or to bring forth.  This bringing forth, or disentangling is something I love to do as I have natural inclinations as a “tutelary spirit”.

The word genie always conjures up for me the image of Aladdin summoning his mysterious helper.  This genie faithfully reminds Aladdin each time the lamp is rubbed in expectation “Your wish is my command”.

So what three things can we demonstrate intentionally and exercise at Christmas, in particular?

Be liberal

Bring it forth! Get all the help you need to define and describe and interpret what genius means to you and to those who will benefit from you!” There’s no limit to who you are, no end to what you add to the party as long as you are at the party! I spent a lot of time being liberal with the wrong stuff.  It left me bankrupt yet ignorant of the rich seam of blessing I was meant to bring and steward in this world.  Sometimes we need help to extract it and I make it my business now to help others disentangle and extract their “genius”

Be relevant

Do you notice that the genie always says to Aladdin “Your wish is my command”? In business the world over, leaders are understanding that it is vital first to meet clients’ needs rather than impart random solutions. First find out what is required, then assist! I want to encourage the same approach in our dealings with friends and family too.  So often we fail to apply these vital principles at home where more than anywhere we should give and receive the complete freedom to be ourselves.

Go on, allow yourself to be rubbed up the right way, the way that is needed!

Let someone else be your genie!

This has been a lesson I have caught only in recent years. I cannot always be the liberal or relevant response.  Sometimes I have no reserve of a certain genius which someone else possesses.  Either for others or even for myself. Yes, I must ask for what they have and act upon my desire for it with expectation and without guilt.  And if I don’t receive, still ask again!

My local church recently defined its values as simply this; No Masks, No Gasps, Only Jesus!

I love that. We are free to be ourselves and to accept one another.  Simply because Jesus came forth when needed and gave us courage to live this life generously and authentically.


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