​Don’t Get it Twisted – A paradox that will align your personal and business legacy

My 22 year-old son keeps me on track with the latest lingo.

I never quite got the hang of ‘It’s sick’, or worse still, ‘Dope’, but ‘Don’t get it twisted’ hits home.

One of my books ‘Disentangling Genius’ focussed on this very thought. And, at The Igniting Souls 2020 Experiential Conference last weekend I really identified with world-leading coach and author Dan Sullivan of Who Not How’ speaking about the four realms of activity we spend our time on.

Incompetent zone

Competent zone

Excellent zone

Zone of Genius

I experienced this wise teaching amongst a HUGE line up last week that aligned hundreds of souls with their zone of genius and scope of influence.

Time is such a precious commodity – an invaluable lesson is to learn to spend it primarily upon our passion and as little else as possible. As Dan taught, we learn to eliminate, to delegate, to systemise and expand the amount of time spent on our best, deep work.

It means less eating of the proverbial frog for breakfast – more Kissing the Prince before even jumping out of bed!

Let the amphibophile eat all the frog they wish, including mine! (I will happily write about it for them!)

Some things really twist my gut.

Like tracking an error in a spreadsheet or finding a buried email in a thread Google automatically packaged into an incomprehensible sequence.

Meanwhile time ticks on, you get increasingly frustrated or procrastinate.

Don’t you yearn to spend time in our strength or genius zone, creating and increasing in mastery, flow and influence? That’s why it was a joy to witness a guy at the top of his game who, after months of re-alignment and preparation by his team; turned the annual summit of the Igniting Souls Tribe (which could easily have been hacked by Covid) into a fully immersive experiential platform.

There was real time instant table talk, break out rooms, virtual bookstore, awards ceremony and keynote speakers from the fields of neurophysiology, strategic coaching, copywriting, publishing and marketing, investment and sponsorship.

Above all, I witnessed ‘the world of the generous getting larger and larger’.

The converse is true, that ‘the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller’. This proverb was written by an ancient king with genuine inside knowledge of prosperity as one of the richest men the world has ever known.

Kary Oberbrunner, Chief Igniter of Igniting Souls, has blazed a trail in becoming a true leader and entrepreneur. He is an author, coach, and speaker who helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they’re here, and where they’re going so they can become souls on fire, experience unhackability, and share their message with the world.

I, along with over five hundred others, would not be a published author otherwise.

At 55, and still pursuing dreams that light me up, it is the same for many I met and re-connected with this weekend. They are ordinary people who have turned their stories of bullying, bereavement, childhood abuse or parental neglect into a story.

That story became their message and their mission.

I know my own desire to experience the flow of fruition in life is a term describing similar aspirations by everyone who is truly honest about how their life is tracking. And the wonderful discovery is, rather than looking to sell product or to gain clients, you can each be truly fulfilled by giving and serving the interests of those we meet.

Yes, you need to have prepared the product or experience, written the book or invested in a risk.

Only, create FOR them not to GET them

This is a mindshift away from preoccupation with one’s Purpose or Destiny (laudable goals in themselves) to that of leaving a Legacy.

So, don’t get it twisted; wrapped up in what you want in this life.

Do that thing for others and watch it come back to you exponentially.

Witnessing the partnership of serial entrepreneur Paul Dunn of B1G1 with Kary, as thousands of #Unhackable books sold virtually during the Kary’s launch was phenomenal. As every product sold (invaluable benefit to all who will be taught this ground-breaking concept), its’ equivalent value was donated to B1G1.

Not only this, but Kary offered to pay for every business subscription for every decision that night to be a partner with B1G1 for one year. At least 12 separate businesses were represented on stage in the moments after his offer. Their every sale from now on will become an equivalent gift to the many charities B1G1 serve.

That is what I call a Win-Win.

And I am excited to be leading the #Unhackablebookclub ‘30 days to close the gap between dreaming and doing’ for our Igniting Souls Chapter Members in Central England and Wales through November.

Not only that but (as Kary’s Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan sets out in his new book ‘Who, Not How) I am going to find my Who, rather than stressing about How.

Sullivan asks, are you a,

Make it Up person? (you might say the visionary)

Make it Real person? (you might say the strategist or implementer)

Or a Make it Recur person? (you might say the monetiser)

These types need to find and serve one another and thereby synergise their individual and separate efforts. That’s why I am hosting a Facebook Live event on Monday called ‘Who’ not ‘How’, seeking to facilitate a like-minded group of solopreneurs who need to lean on others a little and lend help from their respective genius zone. Here’s your private invitation. Let’s talk!

Try the link below for your own copy of Unhackable and get untwisted.


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